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Design Streak & East Coast Sales Ltd have invested in the facilities for our workshop, which enables us to produce signage in house. 

Small is beautiful and here at Design Streak we have the same printing technology as our larger competitors but as a family run business we have the benefit of having time to work closely with our customers to provide an excellent level of service. 

We are happy to quote on any stickers or graphics using vinyl or print. We offer a service to apply the graphics here in house or we can send them out for customers to apply the graphics themselves. 

Safety signs customised to the individual company makes up a large part of our signage activities, however we offer a range of signage carriers including correx board, foamex board in varying thickness, aluminium, di-bond and magnetics which can be used for all types of signage.

Contact us today for your free quote and let us help you to make your brand and business more visible!

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